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Bruce Phillips - Turtle Songs & Lunchbox Songs

This album by Tucson's own Bruce Phillips features great children's songs. With classics like This Land Is Your Land and original songs by Bruce, this CD will entertain your children for hours on end! Check out some samples on our Audio Clips page.

What's Happening at Draco Audio:
  • Poet Tom Bullington is wrapping up his CD of 15 poems set to music. The CD should be out in the next few months.

  • Sherman Smith has recently finished recording two country songs at Draco Audio.

  • T-Low, from the group Next recently recorded at Draco with some local talent to promote his latest songs.

  • Greg Camper just finished his CD project of three original country songs.

  • Frank Hernandez recorded and produced the music for Arts for All's production of Antigone.

  • Jennifer English, host of Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full recorded advertising spots for the radio show last month.

  • Rules of Prey finished their 10-song album at Draco Records and released their CD.

Local Musicians' CDs

Bruce Phillips has combined his acclaimed Turtle Songs and Lunchbox Songs into one great CD. Listen to some clips on our Audio Clips page. $15.00 plus S/H - Order now!

Peter Woods just finished his first studio recording, 12 adult contemporary tracks, called The Silence of the Desert. This excellent CD is worth a listen on our Audio Clips page. $15.00 plus S/H - Order now!

Out of the ashes of the mid-60s Detroit Psychedelic scene comes Sleazy Geezer. Transplanted to the left coast in the early 70s, Sleazy Geezer instigator Marc Chover resurfaces with the bands first CD: Geezerphoelia. It creates a familiar yet offbeat musical melange. Not your average booze band! Check out some samples on our Audio Clips page. $15.00 plus S/H - Order now!

Tucson artist Bruce T. Campbell and Draco Audio teamed up to offer this special song in commemoration of all the victims of the September 11th national disaster, and to support our country and people around the world in the upcoming challenges we face.
Hear the complete song, called Two Tall Towers on our Audio Clips page. $7.50 plus S/H - Order now!

Time for a Change is the first studio CD from Tucson singer-songwriter Bruce T. Campbell. This excellent contemporary folk album features 10 original songs. Bruce describes his style as somewhat akin to the early work of Bob Dylan. Read a review of Time for a Change here! Check out some samples on our Audio Clips page. $12.00 plus S/H - Order now!

The debut CD from Tucson rapper Bje The Golden Child is now out and available, so come and get it! This excellent disc was recorded after Bje had lost his hearing, making it all the more amazing. Recently he underwent surgery and we are happy to say he is now able to hear once again. You can't miss this powerful performance! $12.00 plus S/H

Victoria Galinsky's latest CD, One Bean Taco To Go, features eight original songs in a folk-rock style. The songs are well-crafted and sung with style; the thoughtful lyrics and quality playing make this album a great addition to your collection. $12.99 plus S/H

Jud Baker and friends have recorded a Southwestern Style Christmas album of ten classic christmas carols. The album is called An Arizona Feliz Navidad. Jud arranged all the pieces and had locals Ruben Moreno (from the group Mariachi Luz de Luna), Ruben Riera, and Joey Zapata back him up on this festive CD. The cover art was specially commissioned for the CD from David Tineo. Listen to samples from this disc on our audio clips page! $13.50 plus S/H - Order now!

Mariachi Luz de Luna are 4-time winners of the Tucson Weekly's Tammy Awards in the Mariachi category. This CD with 13 classic songs including Guantanamera and Volver, Volver was recorded live at Chuy's, where the band plays regularly. $12.00 plus S/H

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Draco Audio is proud to include the following music performed by the late Phil Newhouse and friends, the band Artemis. Although not recorded at Draco Audio, these rehearsal recordings were remastered at our studios for family and friends of Phil.

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