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Bruce Phillips - Turtle Songs and Lunchbox Songs
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Tracks MP3
Pack It In, Pack It Out - Sample [0:30] 487K
I Like To Read - Sample [0:30] 533K
You're Okay - Sample [0:45] 520K

Peter Woods - The Silence of the Desert
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Tracks MP3
The Silence of the Desert - Sample [0:33] 526K
Vacation - Sample [0:45] 696K
Light Through the Open Door - Sample [0:45] 706K

Sleazy Geezer - Geezerphoelia
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Tracks MP3
Laudromat - Sample [0:37] 582K
Banned in Boston - Sample [0:31] 488K
Ramrod Daddy - Sample [0:35] 561K

DDT - Elevation 2
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Tracks MP3
No More - Sample [1:05] 1021K
Fleein - Sample [0:48] 756K
Party Scene - Sample [0:35] 561K

Bruce T. Campbell - Two Tall Towers
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Tracks MP3
Two Tall Towers - Broadcast Version - Sample [3:28] 552KB
Two Tall Towers - Acoustic Version - Sample [3:16] 636KB

Bruce T. Campbell - Time for a Change
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Tracks MP3
1. Time for a Change - Sample [0:30] 483KB
3. A Whole Lot o' Latte - Sample [0:34] 538KB
6. The Way - Sample [0:48] 752KB

Jud Baker - An Arizona Feliz Navidad
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Tracks MP3
1. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Sample [0:36] 559KB
5. Jingle Bells - Sample [0:34] 546KB
8. Deck the Halls - Sample [0:34] 543KB

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Last Updated July 12, 2002